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Creating high performance leaders [& teams]

A business mentoring service with a focus on people development & human resources. Based in Hobart & available throughout Tasmania.

Find out how to use the softer skill of communication & leadership to develop high quality managers & teams full of superstars.

What We Do

Let's transform your workforce together

Most businesses are stuck in non-stop operational mode, running on a treadmill of important tasks and moving from one crisis to the next.

This is often caused by critical staff shortages, training gaps and underperforming team leaders. It is all-consuming for business owners and managers. We’re too busy covering the role of others, never finding time for strategy or planning.

Chris Griffin Consulting provides the independent expertise and extra people-power that’ll help you step beyond operations and deliver strategic transformations within the workforce.

As a hands-on consultant, we’ll jump in the trenches and walk side-by-side with you, solving the most critical issues first, whilst implementing lasting, positive actions that are tailored to your business.

You’ll take away new strategies and procedures that will help your team continue to improve, knowing that Chris is with you every step of the way.

How we can help

Train your people or they’ll leave

With a skills shortage and records-low unemployment rates, finding great people has become tougher than ever. For most Tassie businesses, developing our existing team is the only option.

Leadership training for managers and investing in your workforce through training, shows your employees that you really care about their future, which is proven to increase retention rates and performance.

As a guide, we offer the following training pathways which are tailored to your specific workforce and operational needs, with flexibility to customise our services to suit your needs.

We are flexible

Every business has different needs

Not all businesses fit the standard mould, especially small and regional businesses.

With a wide range of experience from several industries and with a hands-on approach, we’re able to customise our strategies and training programs to suit your business.

This often means adapting on the run, as we observe your business and understand your specific situation, delivering on-site training programs that integrate with your day-to-day operations and without causing disruptions.

With our business intelligence and large networks, we also help develop new partnerships within the business community, uncovering opportunities and pathways to success.

Outcomes you can expect

Get in touch

We are Tasmanian

Based in Hobart, we have helped businesses all over Tassie for face-to-face training.

Wherever you are, we’ll come to you!

Whilst a lot of our work can be digital, we still believe in the personal touch understanding that real rapport is made in person.

Even if you’re unsure if we can help, we welcome conversion from anyone in the community as these often lead to new ideas or collaboration with some of our professional partners.