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Create organisational transformation by investing in your people

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These are our values

As a small, local Tasmanian consulting service you can expect us to provide prompt, bespoke and dedicated training and support service that’s tailored to your team.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and agile to your needs, so that our advice, strategy and training can be applied directly to your business, immediately. 

We’re available statewide – wherever you are, we’ll come to you.


We’ll walk with you every step of the way, so that you feel supported and confident to embrace positive changes in your business.


All of our strategies and training are driven open and honestly so that all employees on every level can access the learnings.

Results Driven

Our courses and training sessions will integrate directly into your daily tasks and activities for on the job learning without any downtime.


Our Story

Get to know Chris

As a consultant, I focus on the softer side of people skills and human resources. These are the intangible communication skills that are often overlooked in tertiary education or trade training.

By helping business owners, managers and employees develop their conversation skills, emotional intelligence and empathy, I help businesses create a positive corporate culture and increase the performance of their teams.

My approach is to advocate for holistic improvement across organisations through the training and development of employees at all levels. This helps all employees feel valued, seen and respected, which fosters loyalty, increases retention rates and creates improved performance.

With career experience from the health, education, hospitality, tourism and major industries, I have a deep knowledge of the Tasmanian business landscape, providing proven advice, insight and guidance based on over 20 years of professional experience. When needed, I call upon a network of collaborators and consultants to facilitate work with businesses of all different sizes.

By walking side by side with you, you’ll feel supported at every step of the journey towards positive transformation and improved performance in your business.